Detection of cavities:

Detection of cavities in a limestone rock (by 75 MHz and 38 Mhz correspondingly), cavities at 7 m and 18 m depth, by authority of Geological Department of Lisbon University. Location area: Lisbon, Portugal.

Detection of railroad tunnel:

Detection of a railroad tunel in a limestone rock covered with 2 m loam, at 15 m depth. Location area: Beijing, China.

Sounding of sand hill:

Profiling of a sandy hill. Location area: Park of Ebreju str., Riga, Latvia. 100 MHz surface coupled shielded antenna was used.

Detection of rebars:

Detection of rebars in concrete floor in Radar Systems, Inc. office. 1500 MHz shielded antenna was used.

Sounding of railways embankment:

Sounding of railways embankment in Latvia. 750 MHz air-coupled shielded antenna was used.

Sounding of permafrost ground:

Sounding of permafrost ground (alluvial send, pebbles) in East Siberia.. 150 MHz dipole antenna was used.

Detection of fracture zone:

Detection of fracture zone in permafrost rock of East Siberia. 150 MHz dipole antenna was used.

Detection of lost boreholes:

Detection of lost boreholes in rock salt by 200 MHz borehole antenna. Location area: Mirny, Russia.

Sounding a drift wall in a salt mine:

This profile was obtained by sounding a drift wall in a salt mine. Well visible signals have a shape of multiple hyperbolas originating from an adjacent drift. Distance between the two drifts is approximately 7.5 m. Sounding frequency: 500 MHz. Location area: Mirny, Russia.

Detection of a karst cavity:

Detection of a karst cavity in limestone below a loamy layer. The cavity (enclosed in a circle) is seen as alternating strips in the left-hand part of the profile. Loam is displayed as a continuous signal in the upper part of the profile. Sounding frequency: 300 MHz. Location area: Dead Sea beach, Israel.

Detection of three oil pipes:

Detection of three metal pipes buried in soil to the depth of 1.0 to 1.5 m. Each pipe generates a path signal having a hyperbolic shape whose apex corresponds to the pipe location. Sounding frequency: 900 MHz. Location area: vicinity of Daugavpils, Latvia.